Selling Tips

  • 01
    you want
    to sell
    If you’re going to put your property on the market, make sure you’ve definitely decided to sell. Some people think they might want to ‘test the market’ with their property, just to see what they get. This can end up costing the owner in other ways if it doesn’t sell. Firstly with possibly some advertising costs, and secondly for the property’s future record, and that last time it was on the market it didn’t sell, buyers can easily look that up and it may affect their better judgement next time the property comes up for sale.
  • 02
    Research the
    Get to know your local market, and what prices that similar properties are selling for. An agent can also help you with a market appraisal of your own property, but it’s important for you to do some of your own research. Remember to put your buyer’s shoes on when selling, it’s hard not to be biased about your own place, it’s only natural, but pricing your property correctly is so critical, you’ll actually get a better price by attracting more buyers because the price is right and people may compete for it.
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    Choose Your
    A good agent is imperative, one of the most important decisions a property seller should make. There are many great agents, and many average agents. A great agent cares about getting you the best result. Do your homework, see who like and who will work best for you.
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    About Marketing
    Careful not to fall for free advertising that is average. In order to get the best price, you need as many people to be attracted to your property as possible. Making your property look it’s best without blowing the budget is so important.Some things are imperative, like professional photos and Floor plans. Have a look at all the options, and decide on the right strategy with the agent you like.
  • 05
    Present the property at its best
    If you’re a home owner that’s selling, de-clutter your house before you start, this will increase the feeling of space in your home. Clean the house before inspections, as annoying as it is to keep up for the sales period, it’s best to have it looking as much like a display home as possible. I know that can be hard if you have kids, just do your best, buyers do understand if it’s not perfect. If you’re an investor selling, make sure you have tenants that are co-operative and tidy during the sales process, otherwise it might be better waiting until they are gone before selling.
  • 06
    Receive the offers and sell it

    It’s true, most of the time the 1st offer is the best offer. It usually works that way because the hottest, most ready buyers will flock to the property in the first two weeks. Don’t be surprised if you get a really good offer straight away. Sometimes it happens and then you don’t see that sort of offer again, so assess the situation. The goal is to sell it for a really good price at any point in the program. Sometimes it takes 1 week, sometimes it takes 20 weeks but If you’ve got a great agent, it’s marketed well and priced right, you should see some really good offers fairly shortly.

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