Property Management

Having an Investment Property should be stress free.

Having an Investment Property should be stress

All you want to do is enjoy watching your investment grow and know it’s being managed by an experienced, knowledgeable and passionate person

With over 59 years collectively of real estate experience one thing we’ve seen continue throughout the industry is property managers simply manage too many properties.

We have made the conscious decision that our property managers will manage small portfolios, this allows them to carry out the management of your investment with proficiency and enthusiasm at all times.

After all, choosing the right property manager can make all the difference to your investment.

  • Maximising your return

    Our aim is to get you the best possible return on your investment. We are constantly keeping ourselves up-to-date with the market and the impact it may have on our client’s investments.

    Annual rental reviews are conducted and our sales team are always here to give advice on the market should you decide to sell.

  • No lock-in contracts!

    Most agencies will lock you into a minimum 30-day termination contract.

    Our clients who have intrusted us with their properties are often telling us how happy they are with our service. We’re confident we will surpass your expectations and that you will be a longvalued client but if at any stage you are unhappy with our service at any stage we will release your property immediately.

  • Changing to Plum is easy

    Whether your property is tenanted or vacant, changing to us is easy. We will handle absolutely everything, all we require is your written authority to notify your current agent of the changeover.

    It will have no effect on your current tenants and won’t cost you a cent.

Passionate property managers

  • Passionate property managers

    We only employ experienced property managers. Our retention rate is strong, we want our property managers to enjoy coming to work and be passionate.

    We continuously conduct in-house and external training to encourage both professional and personal development.

  • Communication is paramount

    Keeping in touch and making ourselves available to our clients and tenants is something we pride ourselves on. Unlike most agencies you have a mobile number to call your property manager. We are quick to respond to emails and phone calls. We know that effective communication maintains and improves relationships, teamwork, problem solving and decision making.

  • Manageable portfolios

    At Plum our property managers take care of small portfolios which allows them to manage your property with diligence and proficiency. Your property manager gets to know you and your tenants and have a thorough understanding of your property’s needs.

  • Securing quality tenants

    We won’t jeopardise the quality of tenant to rent your property. We are proactive in identifying and securing the right tenant for you. The due diligence application process allows us to investigate a prospective tenant’s financial situation, employment status and rental history. The vetting of applicants is thorough and screening through Australia’s largest tenant screening service the Tenancy Information Centre of Australia (TICA) is mandatory.

  • Our proactive approach to letting

    We work tirelessly to keep any vacancy minimal. Incentives are offered to staff to rent your property quickly, with a team review on each property conducted weekly. By scheduling open homes, private viewings and marketing to your properties strengths we boast an industry leading vacancy rate. Every enquiry about your property is tracked and pursued with enthusiasm. If the property is tenanted we seek lease renewal approval from our owners 8 weeks prior to a lease ending, so if your tenants are leaving we have plenty of time to find new ones before they vacate.

  • Are your tenants taking care of your property?

    A minimum of 3 routine inspections are carried out annually. We believe this is vital to keep a good relationship with the tenant and more importantly it allows us to be vigil that your property is being cared for and to pre-empt any issues.

  • We make your property stand out

    Our marketing is first-rate but at a reasonable price. Premium marketing is paramount in a competitive rental market, it’s vital we show your properties strengths. To get you the best result we need to make your property stand out so we can get more enquiry and hopefully multiple tenant

Compliance & maintenanceThe nuts and bolts

Keeping ourselves current with legislative changes is essential, we pride ourselves on being a leading authority on real estate and property-related matters.

We adhere to the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008. Our vigorous compliance approach ensures your tenants safety and minimises liability.

Keeping your investment in good condition at all times will save you money in the long run. We report maintenances issues to you in a timely manner and only engage highly qualified licensed tradespeople who we trust who give us fair rates. We are also more than happy to engage your preferred tradespeople.

Your money on time

We pride ourselves on delivering your rent on time, this begins with good tenant selection. The management of rental arrears is structured and effective, arrears are checked and actioned daily. Tenants receive phone calls, sms and emails when in arrears.

If arrears continue we contact you, seek instructions and if required issue the appropriate notice.

Online access to your file 24/7

Online access to your file 24/7

We believe in offering transparency to our clients. Our owners have immediate and up-to-date access via the online “portal” where they can view/download current as well as historical

  • Statements
  • Invoices
  • Related documents
  • Financial activity graph
  • Activity reports for maintenance and inspections.

Tenants love renting with Plum

Great communication fosters great relationships. We look after your tenants so they take great care of your property and are more inclined to renew their lease. To get things started we make the application process as easy as possible.

Our 24/7 online booking and application system gives prospective tenants the opportunity to schedule an inspection time that suits them. We also offer a complimentary utilities connections service through our partners at Plum Connect.

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