Buying Tips

  • 01

    your research

    Spend some time researching the market, both over the internet and by physically looking at properties. Get to know the values of properties in the area you want to buy so you can be confident to make an offer when ready.
  • 02
    Get your finance ready
    Make sure you can afford to buy what you want, see a finance broker and do the numbers so you know your limits. Having your finance ready and pre-approved can put you in a stronger position to make a good offer that will be accepted.
  • 03
    Have your finger on the trigger
    If you’re confident with prices and ready to buy, don’t waste anytime when the right property comes up. If you hesitate, someone else will swoop in and buy it, and it could be months before you find something suitable again.
  • 04
    No property
    is perfect
    It’s usually always the same for everyone, there always seems to be one or two things wrong with every property, and the one that seems perfect is always 20% more than you want to spend. Be prepared to make a little bit of sacrifice, those looking for perfect usually waste so much time, by the time they buy something prices have gone up 10%.
  • 05
    your due diligence
    If you have made an offer, make sure you do your due diligence. It’s wise to do a building and pest inspection, and possibly a search of the body corporate records if you’re buying a unit, you can put these in as conditions in the contract so you can negotiate and secure the property first.
  • 06

    regrets, enjoy!

    Many people feel an instant sense of fear or nervousness when they have just bought a property. Have no regrets. You made the best decision you could make based on all the knowledge you had at that time, it will always pay off in the long run. Just enjoy it.

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