With a heart of gold and more energy than we can sometimes handle, Peaches is an asset to the Plum team. Having a real passion for property, she got her first kennel at only 3 months year old. Unfortunately she just cries inside it all the time so she now sleeps in Vern’s garage. Although we think she’s better suited in a mascot role, Peaches is determined to become one of the leading sales agents in the western suburbs.

We must disclose to any potential clients who want to use Peaches, that her track record is not swell, Peaches is yet to make a sale and just can’t seem to close a deal, most of the time she finds herself chewing the contracts up into little bits and thinking she’s done a good job, the struggle is real. The accountant says we should have let her go a long time ago, but we can’t bring ourselves to do it, her positive attitude is contagious and she’s just so loyal.